Review: David Cooper – Tricks and Traps (Instrumental)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the free instrumental track David Cooper – Tricks and Traps.

This song was posted online for free download and streaming in 2005.

This track is mostly electric guitar and a drum kit, though there are other effects added to it as well.

The artist states that this song was a sad track, though I found this track to have much more of a plotting and conniving vibe to it (if not, a confrontational vibe). In any event, it’s a very well produced song because all of the elements of this song are nicely balanced and it does such a great job in conveying emotion. Depending on your mood, this can be a great song to play in the background to break up the silence.

Overall, I really liked this song. It’s a nice length and it even plays well on a loop. Like most people, I’ve had my own personal conflicts in life and this song can be a good way to just push any excessive emotion into. So, great tune all around.



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