Review: Adachi – Dark Driver (Instrumental Rock)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the free streaming instrumental rock track Adachi – Dark Driver.

This track was released as a free streaming song in 2002 (Japanese, though track title is English). (Edit: Link dead, you can hear it here instead)

This is a faster paced rock music that has elements of power metal put into it. It’s a short fast paced track that does have a racing feel to it. It might fit in with the concept of illegal street racing even.

I really like the overall vibe this track gives off. No one element really overwhelms the other, so this track has a very good balance. My only real criticism of this track was that it’s way too short. I wanted this song to be longer (say, about 4 minutes long). Still, played on a loop, that problem is somewhat negated when listened to individually and not in a playlist mixed with other tracks.

Overall, this was a great track to listen. A real treat.



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