Review: Endless Blue – Ninety-Nine (Downtempo)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the downtempo track Endless Blue – Ninety-Nine.

This downtempo trip hop track was released in 2004 under a Creative Commons license.

This particular track has vocals along with a deep bass sound to it. It also layers a lot of filtered backing vocals mixed with several subtle electronic effects thrown in.

One thing a track can have is very good lyrics. A track can also have a very well produced vibe in it as well. This track manages to expertly convey both elements in a nicely produced package of great sound quality. To add to this, the lyrics are actually very easy to understand which, in my experience, doesn’t happen that often all at the same time. A lot of good tracks have thick accents that might meld well with the overall soundscape, but the lyrics become muddled trying to retain that great soundscape. This song does not suffer from that in any way which is a really good thing to have.

I think, overall, that vibe of loneliness and longing feeling are very well conveyed in this track. I was worried that the lower frequency sounds would overwhelm the track, but that actually doesn’t happen when the song picks up. So, overall, a very well produced track.



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