Review: Axwell – Centre of the Universe (Remode) (House)

This review covers the house track Axwell – Centre of the Universe.

This track was released in 2013 along with three other versions.

One strong element in this track are the vocals. They really give this track a very uplifting sound.

The lyrics only add to the uplifting emotion found in this track. While some of the lyrics might be, to some, a little over-used, they were not bad overall.

Unfortunately, the main melody pretty much consists of 3 notes. Because of this, the track does start becoming somewhat dry.

The elements that back the lyrics try to add to the overall sound, but end up adding absolutely nothing to the overall sound. The exception to this rule are when there are piano elements. These portions were not that bad.

While the piano elements did add some strength to the track, it wasn’t really enough to make this track particularly special. With the main melody consisting of far too few notes and some sections where the backing sounds add next to nothing to the vocals, the vocals almost end up going to waste. In my view, that is a real shame because there really wasn’t much wrong with them. A track that is barely above average.


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