Review: Tiesto & Dyor – Paradise (House)

This review covers the house track Tiesto & Dyor – Paradise.

This track was released in 2013 as a single.

One good element was the inclusion of the electric guitar. This did add something interesting to the track.

Another good element was the broken chord-like melody that pops in and out of the track. This really did add some quality to the track.

From there, however, the positives of this track start becoming murky. The main melody had its strengths and weaknesses. While the non-sliding notes worked quite well, the notes that slide – especially the last note that slides up, really gave the track an awkward sound.

The sidechained bassline worked OK, though I’m not sure it really helped the main melody a whole lot.

There was a good idea for structure in this track. The breakdown and subsequent second build-up offered a lot of promise. Unfortunately, what followed was basically the same awkward chorus that was heard earlier in the track. If something exceptional was added to the second chorus, then this track might have some redeeming qualities to it. Sadly, there wasn’t any.

Overall, this track was OK, but nothing big. There were some good elements to be had that made the track interesting such as the brief electric guitar and brief broken chord style melody. Unfortunately, the main melody ended up sounding awkward and the sidechained bassline didn’t help much. Maybe good for a listen or two, but nothing much beyond that.


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