Review: Angerfist – In a Million Years (Gabber Hardcore)

This review covers the Gabber Hardcore track Angerfist – In a Million Years.

This track was released in 2008 as part of the In a Million Years EP.

There is no shortage of hardcore that portrays raw anger out there. This track is a little different in that, while anger is part of the lyrics, this track goes for the emotion of empowerment – and quite successfully so.

The lyrics alone really portrays that empowerment. Some of the subtle time stretching effects thrown in really added to the power of them. Some have commented that it sounds like Eminem, though I note that I didn’t see where he was credited. I suspect it isn’t him even though he sounds similar.

Another element I really liked was the subtle melody throughout. It starts off with the string elements and is extended into more prominent synth elements towards the second half of the track.

I thought that the main drumkit from time to time did drown out the vocals in some parts, so I think a minor tweak in the mastering might have helped the track a little, but that’s a minor quibble of mine.

Overall, I thought that this was great track to listen to. If you’re into hardcore music, this is definitely a track to listen to at least once if you haven’t already.


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