Review: Afrojack – Bangduck (Moguai Remix) (House)

This review covers the house track Afrojack – Bangduck (Moguai Remix).

This track was released in 2012 along with three other versions.

A major technique involved with this track is the slides. This was emphasized in both bassline and the main melody.

The main melody was pretty neat to listen to. It starts shortly after the breakdown and it sounded great. The odd part was when the beat returned and it made the melody sound slightly off.

The track goes from the main melody to the grungy basslines. It sounded OK, but nothing huge. The fact that the main melody returned more or less saved the track. This was more integrated with the grungy sound and nicely balanced the track out.

The build-up was OK, but was a little long for my taste.

Overall, this was a decent track. It has a few stumbles along the way, but it was able to recover. A pretty good track.


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