Review: Incubus – Drive (Rock)

This review covers the rock track Incubus – Drive.

This track was released in 1999 on the album Make Yourself.

This track has a rather acoustic sound to it. Because of this acoustic sound, it relies more heavily on emotion. Unfortunately, this track doesn’t really have a whole lot of it besides that hint of being a laid back track.

Vocals in this track maybe be decent during the main chorus, but once you hit the versus, this track quickly becomes forgettable in this category. The chorus have understandable lyrics, but the versus wind up being a slurred blur.

The lyrics are a bit messy. It can be hard to understand what is being sung about – especially with how the vocals delivers these lyrics. After listening to the track multiple times, I still have no idea what the versus are talking about.

One subtle bright spot is the fact that the guitars are decent to listen to. Some parts of it sound a little too much like Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun for my tastes though.

Overall, the slurred vocals and hard to understand lyrics do precious few favors for this track. The chorus may have a somewhat distinct sound, but one decent part of a track does not necessarily make for a good listening experience. Once you get past the chorus, this track is very bland and forgettable. As a result, there’s nothing special about this track.


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