Review: Atmozfears & Adrenalize – She Goes (Hardstyle)

This review covers the hardstyle track Atmozfears & Adrenalize – She Goes.

This track was released in 2014 along with the track Possession.

The track starts with a clap and a white noise effect. This is joined by some lighter hardcore sounds with a few vocal samples. The intro is quite short as it goes into a drop. The vocal elements is largely what remains.

From there, the track builds up with a melody. With a sprinkling of a few more vocal samples, the track hits a main melody. That section is capped off with some more vocal samples.

The track then hits a second drop. Additional vocal samples are added before the track then hits the main melody again.

After this, the track then starts to break down. It ends with the vocal samples and some additional white noise.

One thing I do like about the track is the nice build-up. While it is a little quick in the beginning, the use of vocal samples and synth are well utilized.

The main melody is also pretty well done. It really ties together the voice samples and hardcore elements nicely.

I think that the only problem I have with this track is that I wanted more of the vocals. The amount of lyrics that went into the track is very limited. With the way the track is build, I was hoping for a chorus or a verse or something to that nature. This track simply doesn’t have that. As a result, the track is weakened because of it in my view.

Still, it’s a pretty good track. It has some nice melodies and a great buildup. The quantity of lyrics leaves a bit to be desired, unfortunately. Still, what is there is pretty solid. A pretty good track all around.


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