Vlog: Witness Intimidation Scandal Rocks Bill C-11 Hearings!

In this second vlog posting, I talk about the witness intimidation scandal that has rocked the Bill C-11 hearings recently.

Welcome to episode 2 of Freezenet’s informal vlog. today, we are talking about a massive witness intimidation scandal that has erupted in recent days. To check this video out, you can view it directly on YouTube or in the embed below:

A massive scandal has erupted in the Bill C-11 Senate hearings. Just hours before Scott Benzie of Digital First Canada was set to appear before a hearing, a Liberal MP leaked information to the media and made numerous wild accusations about transparency and lobbying money.

It turned out the allegations had little to no truth behind them after the Lobbying Commission cleared Scott Benzie and Digital First Canada of any wrongdoing. In the fallout, there have been accusations of witness intimidation and information being leaked to the media in an effort to bully and intimidate witnesses into silence before they testified and made their criticisms of Bill C-11 heard.

As it turns out, the attempt to intimidate witnesses was sourced to none other than Liberal MP, Chris Bittle who has an increasingly extensive history of questionable behaviour:

So, a very fast growing history of questionable behaviour. This latest scandal seems to only add to the rap sheet we are seeing with this guy.

The good news is that, I’m told, witnesses were not intimidated and boldly moved forward, giving their testimony anyway despite what has happened. I can only expect that questions into what happened are only going to continue over the next few days.

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