Vlog: My Unexpected Encounter at a Subway Restaurant

In this 12th instalment of the vlog, I talk about something that happened at a Subway restaurant that I thought was worth sharing.

Welcome to the 12th instalment of my vlog. Today, I talk about something that happened at a Subway restaurant. Some of the details weren’t exactly the most pleasant to witness, but I decided to try and make things right in a way that seemed to make sense under the circumstances.

To check this video out, you can view it directly on YouTube or in the embed below:

Something unexpected happened to me at a Subway. In short, I saw what amounted to theft and assault over a drink worth $3.50. So, I did what I felt seemed to be the right thing to do after that. Hopefully, despite what happened, staff felt better about people in general. I explain exactly what happened in the video to the best of my recollection.

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