Review: Madonna – Frozen (Pop)

This review covers the pop track Madonna – Frozen.

This track was released in 1998 on the album Ray of Light.

The track starts off with some strings. A plucked string element comes in. A synth then makes a brief appearance. After that, the vocals come in backed by a chime-like element. The synth strings return and a brief synth also comes in for a moment.

From there, the drum kit comes in as the vocals take the track into the first verse. The strings continue, backing the vocals. From there, the track drops off, leaving only a synth effect.

After that, the vocals return for another verse. The strings and some synth effects are added. The drum kit also makes a return part way through as the vocals take the track into the main chorus. Some synth effects are added. From there, the track drops out, leaving some synth effects behind. After that, the strings take over for a bit of a solo.

Several elements briefly drop out as the vocals take the track into a part of the main chorus. The drum kit then returns and the vocals continue on. High hats are added to the track as the vocals repeat themselves. Everything then drops out for a brief moment.

The vocals return, backed by the strings. A synth effect comes in for a moment. After that, the strings lead the track out.

A strength of the track is the vocals. I thought they worked quite well to give this track emotion. Additionally, the strings work quite well to give this track some nice warmth.

A problem I have with this track is actually the strings part way through. When they hit that solo, I thought they hit a few green notes every so often. When I heard that, I cringed a bit.

Another problem I have with this track is the fact that there are many drops throughout the track. One, two, or maybe three can work to give this track some flow. Unfortunately, this track just doesn’t handle them that well. Because of this, there is that stop and start feel to this track that disrupts the flow of the track. The track might have been better served to have fewer drops and, perhaps, extend the length of them a bit to make them less sudden.

Overall, this is a reasonable track. The vocals work quite well for this track. Also, the strings really give this track a nice amount of colour and warmth. Unfortunately, the strings do hit some green notes part way through. Also, the quick and many drops in the track give this track a real stop and start feel to it that disrupts the overall flow. So, a reasonable track, but nothing huge.


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