Trans-Pacific Partnership Text Officially Released

After years of negotiation, the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has officially been released.

Until now, the only way to find out anything at all reliably was through leaks. We noted yesterday that the deadline the US set to release the text appears to have been next Thursday. That deadline appears to have been met as the full text of the TPP has officially been released.

Currently, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been leaning towards supporting the trade deal, but it is unclear if he supports the trade deal entirely or if it’s just general support.

Judging by the previously leaked text, the intellectual property chapter suggests that there is, among other things, the introduction to criminal liability for copyright infringement, an extension to copyright terms, ISP-level surveillance, and seizure of personal devices not packed into personal luggage at the border.

In the coming days, we will be looking into the official text and seeing if there is anything new. Stay tuned for our analysis of the official text of the Intellectual Property chapter.

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