TicketFly Hit With Data Breach – 26 Million Accounts Compromised

Concert ticket website Ticketfly has been hacked. As a result, 26 million accounts have been affected.

We have another breach to report. This time, the event ticket web service Ticketfly is the latest victim. A hacker managed to breach the website and take it over. The hacker in question held the site up for ransom for one Bitcoin in exchange for relinquishing control and revealing the vulnerability. That ransom was never paid and, in response, the hacker posted the entire database online.

Contained in the database were customers’ names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers. From a report on MarketWatch:

“Due to a recent cyber incident, Ticketfly.com is offline,” a message on the site read. “We’ve engaged leading third-party forensic and cybersecurity experts to investigate and help us address the issue, and have done this with your security top of mind.”

While Ticketfly did not say how many customer accounts were breached, the data-breach-tracking website haveibeenpwned.com said more than 26 million accounts were affected.

This latest breach represents the second breach we’ve become aware of for the month. While this one is certainly significant, MyHeritage suffered a security incident that saw the potential exposure of 92 million accounts. That follows a particularly month last month where there was a security incident, on average, once every three days. What’s worth noting that while there were a lot of incidences, few even come close to the size of this months two security incidences. As such, we are off to a particularly brutal start to the month on the security front.

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