TPP Proponent Makes Incoherent Denial of Copyright Changes

Proponents of the hugely controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement have tried just about everything to try and sell the agreement to Canadians. While they have tried denial in the past, they have gone on to other tactics as well. Now, it seems they have gone back to just denying what is in the agreement. For

Website ‘You’ve Been Owned’ Launches to Defend First-Sale Doctrine

One of the stories we’ve posted that has received a lot of attention was our article entitled “Could Selling Your Computer One Day Be a Criminal Offense?” It revolves around a court case that could make the selling of foreign manufactured products copyright infringement. With the Trans-Pacific Partnership, one could make the connection that this

Could Selling Your Computer One Day Be a Criminal Offense?

A court case in New York is currently raising eyebrows. Apparently, the case is headed to the supreme court because the lower level courts have ruled that if you bought something like a computer from overseas, the act of selling that computer in the US could be a violation of copyright laws. It is seen

Google Fined $5 Million for Using Linux

In what could be a major blow to those hoping to see Linux in the workplace, a small company called Bedrock Computer Technologies sued Google for patent infringement because the company used the Linux operating system.