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Movie Director Releases ‘A Lonely Place for Dying’ to BitTorrent Legally

Justin Eugene Evans, the writer and director of ‘A Lonely Place for Dying’ released the first part of the movie to BitTorrent via the VODO services recently. He joins the ranks of many other producers who have chosen to freely distribute their content online for free via the ever present file-sharing medium.

Hollywood Employees in US Hit Hard By OutSourcing

There’s never been a shortage of press releases over the years about the MPAA blaming piracy for massive job losses. The numbers never seemed to add up given that most numbers being thrown about seemed to come from nowhere concrete. The question that does sometimes come out is, if Hollywood employees are being laid off, […]

Norway – Can the Copyright Industry Prosecute Copyright Infringers?

There’s an interesting case that is already developing in Norway. A film was leaked online and the copyright industry in the country demanded that police should take action. After being signalled that the police didn’t want to go after the user, the industry turned to the Norwegian courts. The unusual part? Critical documents surrounding the […]