Norway – Can the Copyright Industry Prosecute Copyright Infringers?

There’s an interesting case that is already developing in Norway. A film was leaked online and the copyright industry in the country demanded that police should take action. After being signalled that the police didn’t want to go after the user, the industry turned to the Norwegian courts. The unusual part? Critical documents surrounding the

IIPA Blames Canada for Movie Piracy (Again)

Many observers who take particular interest in Canadian issues surrounding copyright might find this to be a broken record, but a copyright lobby group is, once again, demanding that Canada be placed on a priority watch list in a special 301 report (or, as some might consider, a priority “wish list”)

US Senators Pressure Canada on Camcording Laws

With rumblings of elections, thanks to a budget bill, copyright reform that was promised in the Fall but never delivered, and increasing pressure from both sides of the debate, Canada seems to have fallen into a position that suggests a state of uncertainty.

Movie: Orange Released

It is no secret that movies take a long time to create. It’s also no secret that a movie is also very expensive to make.