Load Gearing Up for Massive 8GB Multinational Data Dump

The hacking community has taken notice to another hacker who claims to have internal documents on several governments from around the world including the US, Russia and several European countries. To prove it, the hacker released a small set of “preview” leaks which appear to be internal documents of embassies and government minister offices.

Abhaxas Hacks Florida’s Voting System Again

In an apparent effort to show that election votes can be tampered with, Abhaxas previously dumped parts of the Florida voting database to PasteBin. Officials since then downplayed the hack, but suggested that the systems are more secure than ever before. Even though authorities, on top of this, were contacted, it seems that Abhaxas decided

Connexion Email Account Dump Includes Military and Government Accounts

16,959 e-mail accounts have been dumped to MediaFire recently, ZeroPaid has learned. The 1.18MB text file was uploaded by Connexion Hack Team. The file contains government and military e-mail accounts and passwords. ZeroPaid has also learned that many popular e-mail providers are also seen in the list of accounts compromised.