LulzStorm Posts 18 Italian University Databases to Monova

The AntiSec movement appears to have taken root in Italy. A hacker by the name of LulzStorm has posted the databases of 18 Italian University websites to BitTorrent filesharing site Monova.

Note: This is an article I wrote that was published elsewhere first. It has been republished here for archival purposes

Yet another hacker flying the AntiSec banner has made an appearance on our radar and they go by the name of LulzStorm. In a tweet sometime yesterday, the hacker posted a URL to Monova. The Monova link contains the following statement:

Today is a great day for us all, and a very bad one for italian universities.

Their sites are full of weaknesses. Some of them even think being secure,

so they don’t mind hashing their passwordz.

And you, Italian people, are giving all your data to idiots like these?

Is it a joke?

Change your passwordz, guys.

Change your concept of security, universities.

We could have leaked much more.

We could have destroyed your db and your network.

Were you ready for this?


The release appears to be about 2.74MB in size. No doubt the Universities will be unhappy about this.

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