Load Gearing Up for Massive 8GB Multinational Data Dump

The hacking community has taken notice to another hacker who claims to have internal documents on several governments from around the world including the US, Russia and several European countries. To prove it, the hacker released a small set of “preview” leaks which appear to be internal documents of embassies and government minister offices.

Note: This is an article I wrote that was published elsewhere first. It has been republished here for archival purposes

If this particular hacker delivers in full, the data dump might send shock waves around the world. In a posting to PasteBin, Load claims to have obtained a total of 8GB of internal government and industry documents that span numerous countries around the world. The release is said to be exposing corruption. Here’s the statement:

This is a prerelease of a series we are going to make to reveal the biggest in history of European LE cyber operation Evidence exploitation and abuse. Thing’s gonna get published and twittered all over anonymous and lulzsec community.

Today we were granted with the Italian law enforcement Pandora box, we really think it shall be a new era of “regreaissance” to the almighty Homeland Security Cyber Operation Unit in EU.
So we decided to leak everything they got since they were established as a full scale cyber taskforce named CNAIPIC.

This corrupted organization gathered all the evidence from the seized property of suspected computer professional entertainers and utilized it over many years to conduct illegal operations with foreign intelligence agencies and oligarchy to facilitate their lust for power and money, they never used obtained evidence to really support ongoing investigations.

Today we reveal a whole Load of stuff (estimated leak would be over 8Gb) from such owned institutions, just to make it clear all of this stuff was stored on CNAIPIC evidence servers for years while people are doing time in jail waiting for the trial while CNAIPIC used the evidence in the global spy game galore

Load provided a sample list of institutions affected by this data dump and, to say the least, there are big names included – from government to business entities:

Egypt: Ministry of Transport and Communication
Australia: Ministry of Defence
Russia: Atomstroyexport, Diaskan, Sibneft, Gazprom etc.
Ukraine: several embassies and consulates on it’s territory
Nepal: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Belarus: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belneftehim, Belspetzexport
Gibraltar, Cyprus, Cayman Islands etc: Tecno Develp, Line Holdings, Dugsberry Inc, Alpha Prime, Alpha Minerals etc.
Vietnam: PetroVietnam (PTSC), Ministry of Natural Resources (MONRE)
USA: EXXON MOBIL, US Department of agriculture and hundreds of attorneys and DOJ accounts including: McCallion & Associates LLP, Goodkind, Labaton, Rudoff & Sucharow, LLP, and hundreds of bullshit agencies we don’t even know why we pay taxes to support all of them.

We’ve had a chance to go through the files. One file is a file structure that doesn’t even look anywhere close to being complete. Just looking at the extensions alone, one can easily get a sense that these files are all over the map. There’s power point slides, PDF files, gif images, .doc files – really, you name it, it’s probably there.

Also included in this was two preview leaks. The first preview appears to be predominantly two languages: Italian and Russian – though some documents are in French and English among others.

Some of the files were pictures of scanned documents. There was a set of a screenshot of some people’s e-mail inbox (some in English, others, not).

One PDF appears to be an oil drilling agreement document (in English) with ExxonMobil regarding a “Master Marine Survey Agreement Order #2288701”. In fact, there were a few documents surrounding oil drilling plans that seem almost freakishly detailed. Another PDF appears to be a flow chart regarding some alleged illegal activities (money laundering) with “Medici Enterprise’s” (also in English). One PDF appears to be from the Australian Government Department of Defence – a letter to the “Bureau de la defense”. The letter appears to be in French.

That first file is about 27MB big.

The second “preview” leak appears to be much larger – weighing in at around 60MB in size. A large majority of these files appear to be little more than scans of passports of different people from different countries. There were a number of files in Russian, but two files were in English. One dealt with gas company PetroVietnam. The other dealt with what appears to be something with India and Kabul. It mentions someone by the name of Shri Gurpreet Singh.

There’s not a whole lot more I can really read in to these documents. It would require a different set of knowledge to drill down deeper in to the significance of these documents. Some of this might involve someone who is more familiar with environmental sciences, geology and math to understand one document in particular.

I can say that what is leaked certainly looks impressive given the different types of content that seems to be present in this “preview” release. Exactly how significant, I can’t personally say. It’s unclear when the full release will happen or what the implications might be, but given the number of countries involved inside these documents, it looks like this could be a big international story for whenever or even if the data dump actually occurs.

[Hat tip: anonymouSabu]

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