Spanish and Polish Editions of Wikipedia Shuts Down to Join Copyright Protest

More and more websites are joining the blackout protests against article 11 and article 13. Now the Spanish and Polish editions of Wikipedia are also shut down.

In news that seems to be developing by the minute, more and more websites are shutting down to protest article 11 and article 13. Just moments ago, we reported on the Italian edition of Wikipedia shutting down in protest of the legislation. The news came on the same day as a petition against the legislation reached 800,000 signatures. It is also a followup to the Wikimedia foundation expressing their opposition to the proposed copyright laws.

Now, more websites are joining the protests against article 11 and article 13. The Spanish edition of Wikipedia is now shut down, protesting the vote. In addition, the Polish edition of Wikipedia has also joined the protest.

It seems everyone is joining with a unifying voice to stop article 11 and article 13. Article 11, dubbed the link tax, would compel publishers to pay licensing fees for the privilege of linking to third party sources. Article 13, dubbed the upload filter and the censorship machine, would force any service that accepts user generated content to install filters that search for anything that could be considered copyright infringing. The problem is that such filters do not exist and it doesn’t take into account legal uses of copyrighted material such as criticism, education, or satire.

The next vote on this legislation is scheduled for tomorrow.

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