Review: BT – The Emergency (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track BT – The Emergency.

This track was released in 2010. It is part of the album These Hopeful Machines.

Probably one of the immediate things that one might notice is the length of the track. Clocking at close to 11 minutes long, it’s hard to imagine a track being this long and not being drawn out. Still, I’ve heard long tracks before and even given one a perfect score, so I do keep an open mind on these things.

The track talks about being taken care of by, presumably, a significant other during a potentially traumatic event. So, already, some pretty deep emotional potential from the get-go.

The track starts off with some soft piano elements before some vocals dot their way in. The track builds up and gets into more regular vocals. Several elements do gradually build into the track and the track gradually evolves from there. There is a breakdown that features elements of the chorus before the vocals go into the main chorus itself. The main chorus, as far as I’m concerned, is very well done.

This track features sounds of garbled radio voices as well as the occasional medical equipment sounds. This certainly adds a nice touch to the overall sound.

It’s hard to find something to really complain about in this track. The only ting I can say is that the track ending may have been a little on the long side, but this is a minor quibble from my end.

With so much that’s great about the track, going back to the track length, I can say that this track seriously doesn’t feel like one that’s more than 10 minutes long by any means. It almost feels more like 7 or 8 minutes long, not nearly 11. That’s how good this track is. It’s easy to almost go into a time warp with this track.

Overall, the vocals are great, the lyrics are powerful, and it is an overall joy to listen to this track. The piano elements are great and the special effects work very well. So, an overall solid track worth listening to.


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