Review: Wasted Penguinz – All For Nothing (Extended Version) (Hardstyle)

This review covers the hardstyle track Wasted Penguinz – All For Nothing (Extended Version).

This track was released in 2014 along with the radio version.

The track start =s off with a kick with a bit of a buzz effect. From there, a subtle synth chord gradually comes in with some effects. After the effects fade, it’s just the chords that are left. The voice samples then join the track.

The vocals are then joined by a synth melody. After the drop, the voice sample continues while the track gradually builds back up underneath. From there, the main melody takes over. The sample briefly takes over before the main melody takes over again.

Another drop hits in this track with the voice sample takes over. The voice sample ends and the synth elements take over to bring in another round of the main melody. The main melody is quickly modified as another one takes over. The track then breaks down one last time.

What I like about the track is the fact that it takes a rather uplifting mood and mix it down into a more hardcore track.

While I don’t usually like more talking style of vocals, it really works well in this track. It manages to work well in this track.

The main melodies work quite well here. The fact that the main melody evolves throughout the track is also a very nice thing to hear. With the vocals giving a particular vibe, the melody is a nice extension of the positive vibes.

Generally speaking, I thought this was a great track to listen to. The talking vocals work quite well here. I think that the melodies are great – especially because they evolve so nicely here. All these vibes are successfully mixed down into a hardstyle track which helps give it its own musical flavour. Don’t see anything really wrong with it, so a great track all around.

Score: 8/10

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