Review: Vascotia – Avalon (Original Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Review: Vascotia – Avalon (Original Mix) (Trance).

This track was released in 2007 along with three remixes.

This is definitely one of those uplifting trance tracks that is definitely a well known kind of trance music in the trance scene.

A real strength in this track is the main in between melody throughout the track. It’s a very well drawn out melody that stretches probably the best element in this track out nicely.

Another major strength in this track is the overall flow. It starts off simple enough, but gradually builds up to something quite nicely done. The breakdown and the build up again was incredibly well done.

Overall, I would say that this is an excellent uplifting trance track. It is definitely one of the tracks I’ve heard that has a real wow factor. A thoroughly enjoyable track.


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