Review: Twilight – All Dimensions (Psytrance)

This review covers the psytrance track Twilight – All Dimensions.

This track was released in 2007.

This was an interesting track to review because it starts out in such an epic way. There is the random singing, the atmospherics, and the small collection of different people making comments. It all melds together really well all the way up to when the title of the track is mentioned. From there, things sort of dissipate a little into a more standard psytrance track.

The track does try to vary itself a little with different sounds throughout even with a melody. Eventually, even that breaks down. Eventually, what I’m left with is enough sound to carry the track to the end, but little left. The last half of the track is interesting to listen to, but it isn’t exactly as epic as the intro.

I was really looking forward to giving this track a near perfect score, but after hearing the whole thing, I’ll have to dial back the score a little. That doesn’t mean that this track was bad by any means, it just means I am finding myself giving this track a slightly lower score then I was expecting to when I was hearing the beginning. A very good track all around.


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