Review: Justin Prime – Revolt (Original Mix) (Electro House)

This review covers the electro house track Justin Prime – Revolt (Original Mix).

This particular track was released in 2012 along with the track R!se.

Two things really jump out at me with this track – the first is the interesting and evolving melody and the second is the borderline formant sound that you don’t often hear. It’s not quite a formant, but it is quite close to sounding like one.

Other interesting features that I notice was the use of white noise to add to the rhythm and the subtle side chain on some of the elements.

Overall, I would say this track has a lot going on for it that makes it a good listening experience. I personally felt tat this was a very good track to listen to. It has a decent amount of progressive elements that I like to hear and it utilizes some interesting electro sounds as well. Interesting if you haven’t heard this one before.


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