Review: Tritonal – GAMMA GAMMA (Ferry Radio Fix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Tritonal – GAMMA GAMMA (Ferry Radio Fix).

This track was released in 2015. It is part of the album Global DJ Broadcast – Top 20 October 2015.

The track starts with a sweep, then some tribal vocal samples. some of those samples are also chopped to help give the track a rhythm. After a bit, different voice samples are heard before the track goes into the drop.

The alternate voice samples continue with some synth pads backing them. From there, the main melody starts to come in. The melody has an automated cutoff and release that gradually shifts. This helps build the track up. Some additional tribal voice samples come in right before the climax.

When the climax hits, the synth melodies take over. As the track progresses, different voice samples come in. A snare can be heard right before the track ends.

One thing I really like about the track is the tribal voice samples. This adds such a great and unique element to the overall sound. The fact that some of them are chopped to give the track additional rhythm works very well. I also like the female voice samples. They nicely counterbalance the other voice samples and gives the track a great sense of progression.

The main melody totally clicks with this track. It’s such a well done melody on an already great sound.

What can I say about this track? For me, this track is such a great track. This remix really takes the original track to such a better level. You get that high energy uplifting themed party atmosphere just from the track alone.

I’m also impressed with the overall flow. The breaks in the track are just right and the transitions work so well. The mastering is well done as nothing is really drowned out or overpowering. This track is impressive on this front.

Overall, this is quite a great track. It brings the authentic sounds of tribal influences perfectly into a trance track. The different samples gives the track a sense of progression and the chopped elements gives the track a great rhythm. The main melody helps elevate this track to a whole new level. So, a highly recommended track as far as I’m concerned.

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