Review: Toby Emerson – Liquify (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Toby Emerson – Liquify.

It is unclear when this track was released. While Google suggests it was released in 2008, to my knowledge, it was released sooner. Still, to my knowledge, it was released online for free.

One interesting aspect is the fact that some of the sounds, particularly the ones found in the intro, have a melody pattern similar to that of progressive psytrance music.

The chords, meanwhile, have a very tech trance sound to it. The addition of tech trance elements to this progressive trance track gave this one a very interesting dimension.

The build-up throughout the first half of the track was quite interesting. It doesn’t necessarily follow along typical trance structure. Still, it was a very good part.

Meanwhile, the breakdown and subsequent build-up to the main melody worked quite well.

Once the main melody kicks in, that’s definitely where you get the full quality of the overall sound. It truly made this track great.

An unexpected, but nicely done part was the piano portion. It helped bridge the main melody and follow-up melody nicely. The final melody with it’s backing choir sound was excellent.

Overall, the flow of this track is definitely a little different to that of standard trance music. Still, it worked very well. The tech trance influences along with the piano solo gave this track dimension. A recommended track to say the least.


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