Review: Reverse – Ultima (Original Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive tech trance track Reverse – Ultima (Original Mix).

This track was released in 2015 as a single.

One element that is definitely apparent is the fact that it has a very tech sound to this otherwise progressive trance style.

The initial buildup has a very nice presence to it. While the initial presence was nicely done, this track dials this presence up further with the layering of sound over top of a heavy chord and bass sound. The eventual addition of a sub-melody just adds to the overall sound.

The main melody of this track starts right when the breakdown happens. It kind of gives the impression that this track isn’t messing around with the sound and begins right away. The buildup that follows is extended with a sort of sub-breakdown before ultimately letting loose with a very full sound.

The climax lasts for quite some time, though the way this track is produced, you’d never really get tired of the sound just because it is so rich. This, in the end, works quite well in the tracks favor.

The track then breaks down, but only does so in a gradual sense that the heavy sounds stick around for quite some time. The sidechained string synth helped give this track a nice dynamic sound. Some of the sound that has such a presence sticks around to the very end of the track even.

Overall, this was such a great track to hear. It has such a heavy tech sound, yet is also nicely progressive. As a result, you’ll be in for a rich listening experience that goes for that epic sound. It has great energy and a harder trance sound that really works. A highly recommended great track.


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