Review: Therapy? – Die Laughing (Rock)

This review covers the alternative metal track Therapy? – Die Laughing.

This track was released in 1994 on the album Troublegum.

The track start with a snare before the guitars come in. The lead guitars then come in. After some buildup, the vocals then come in for a brief verse.

After that, the vocals take the track into the first round of the main chorus. There is some more guitar work. The vocals then go into the next verse. Shortly after that, the vocals go back into the main chorus. This section is capped off with an instrumental section. This section also features a guitar solo.

From there, the vocals then take the track into the next verse. After a bit, the vocals take the track into the next round of the main chorus. The vocals extend the main chorus as the guitars gradually drop out. From there, the track ends.

The biggest strength this track has is the main chorus The vocals, guitars, and drum kit all come together very nicely to form a well realized chorus. It’s nicely done to say the least.

A problem I have is that the vocals are a bit quiet on the beginning, so I’m not entirely sure what is said at the start. Still, for the rest of the track, the vocals sound nice and the lyrics are clear.

The other problem I have with this track is that it feels a bit compressed. It’s as if everything is squeezed into a track that is less than three minutes long. It’s not a huge problem here, but it is noticeable.

Overall, for the length of the track, this is well done. The main chorus and guitar work in general all sound great. The vocals sound good save for the beginning of the track. While it does seem to be a bit compressed for time, it’s still a pretty decent track overall.


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