Review: Theory of a Deadman – Bad Girlfriend (Rock)

This review covers the rock track Theory of a Deadman – Bad Girlfriend.

This track was released in 2008 on the album Scars & Souvenirs.

One of the distinctive features of this track is the electric guitar sounds. In fact, I would say that this combined with when the title of this track is sung is probably what makes this track memorable for a lot of people.

They lyrics, I found, were very dirty and did paint a sort of story of what it boils down to were sex and idiots. Really dirty lyrics can make a track sound lively and energetic while it can also make a track seem more in poor taste. The lyrics in this track veered towards the latter for me. The versus made me want to use soap and water on my ears more than it really added much to the overall sound quality of the track. The chorus was really the only part of the track where the dirty lyrics added to the overall quality. The versus did actually manage to deliver a full-fledged story (which is an accomplishment), but I’m not sure about the execution on this one as far as contributing to the overall sound of the track.

The vocals, for me, simply fell into the category of “I’ve heard this before a million times”. I didn’t find that there was anything in the vocals that made this track stand out in any particular way. How similar does the vocals of this track sound like half of every Nickelback track out there? I was never really a big fan of Nickelback either.

The electric guitars were decent enough. Unfortunately, I didn’t find that the instruments in general really went beyond the stage of establishing this track as definitively rock. The guitar solo did try to make this track something more, but only managed to just sound like the lyrics found in the bridge. I think the solo needed to add something more dynamic for this track to be more interesting.

At the end of the day, yes, I can definitely say that this is a rock track. Does this track go beyond “hey I’m a rock track!”? I’m not that convinced it did. The chorus and the main melody can be catchy to a point, but once you’ve heard it a number of times, it just loses it’s appeal. If it weren’t for the initially catchy chorus and the main melody adding something somewhat interesting to the track, this would be one of the most average tracks out there. So, it does get an above average score, but nothing more. Possibly good for a few listens, but nothing more then that.


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