Review: Collective Soul – December (Rock)

This review covers the rock track Collective Soul – December.

This track was released in 1995 on their self-titled album.

The real standout part of this track was a line in the chorus. That pretty much was the only thing about this track that stood out to me in any way.

The lyrics, for me, drifted between meaninglessness to pointlessness throughout. In either case, it just wasn’t something that grabbed my attention at all.

The vocals seemed to try and grab some sort of 80s vibe so far as I can tell. For me, the 80’s are over and it’s something that has been done to death. Unless something new is offered to this sound, then I don’t think there’s a point in resurrecting it. This track simply didn’t seem to offer anything new and exciting.

The overall sound seemed to just be devoid of any real emotion. I found this track seemed to be one of those tracks that has had all emotion sanitized out and all that is left is just this emotionless pulp. I don’t mind slower music as I have reviewed my fair share of ambient tracks in the past, but the track does have to convey something. To me, this track just didn’t cut it.

The instruments of this track were also seemingly sitting in the background. It could help carry this track if there was something interesting in it. Unfortunately, there was nothing to carry, so the whole track just falls flat.

Ultimately, I found this track to just be a very emotionless and meaningless. The instruments were put into the background with no real thing in this track to make it stand out as a track that grabbed my attention. The track is bland and largely forgettable.


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