Review: The Qemists – No More (Original Mix) (Drum N Bass)

This review covers the drum n bass track The Qemists – No More.

This track was released as a single in 2013.

This is another track that mixes rock elements into a drum n bass track. This kind of combination always gets my attention as I admittedly have a soft spot for this kind of music.

The overall electronic mixing with rock music is a major component of this track. I thought this was incredibly well done.

There’s not much for lyrics in this track, but it does convey some minimal emotions. Really, I don’t know how much the lyrics could add beyond what’s already in there with the overall sound. The vocals were as good as they could possibly be given the sound. The instruments and electronic sounds actually almost drown out the vocals. I’m on the fence as to whether or not that’s a good or bad thing in this case.

The only real criticism I would give this track is that a few parts of this track kind of drags. This is actually a rather minimal problem in this track, so I can’t really complain too loudly.

Overall, there is a lot to enjoy in this track. I would definitely say this is a great track to listen to. If you like the older stuff done by Pendulum (like Hold Your Colour), then you’ll definitely enjoy this track.


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