Review: The Black Keys – Lonely Boy (Rock)

This review covers the rock track The Black Keys – Lonely Boy.

This track was release in 2011 on the El Camino album.

This track, I guess, is about a lonely boy making his way through life.

The track starts off with the overused megaphone-like filtering on the vocals. The rest of the track is simply generic rock music. The only thing that I found that was really distinct is the backup singers that is featured in the chorus. It’s actually kind of ironic given the track title. Beyond that, nothing really stands out to me.

I was waiting for something special to pop up in this track, but then the track suddenly ended. I literally mouthed, “That’s it?”

The ending was so sudden, it kind of left me wondering what happened to the track. So, I felt that this track ended awkwardly.

Overall, I think this is just an average track. It’s only interesting element was the backup singers that did add a little something interesting. I would have given this track a passing score had it not been for the sudden end that made this track a bit too awkward for my taste. Still, I would say this is a track to pass on for something better.


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