Review: Sort of Expression – Harmony (Downtempo)

This review covers the downtempo track Sort of Expression – Harmony.

According to metadata obtained by Freezenet, this track was released in 2005. Unfortunately, since our last review on Sort of Expression, one of the last pages to note when these tracks were released vanished. Now, appears to be the only site to host this music outside of random download sites and YouTube.

This track starts off with some nice pads as if chaos had just died down and there’s a sort of calm after the storm feel to it.

The track builds up and eventually uses a vocal sample before going into some nice dreamy piano work.

What I thought was nicely done was the gradual build-up of the percussion’s. I thought that really added a lot to the flow.

My only nitpick of this track is that I felt that I could have ended better. The fadeout ends right in the middle of the melody.

Still, I thought this was a nice track to chill out to. This is definitely another solid track from this artist and I would most definitely recommend it.


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