Review: Tasadi – Jupiter (Extended Mix) (Progressive Trance)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the progressive trance track Tasadi – Jupiter (Extended Mix).

This particular track was released in 2010 along with three remixes.

The one element that really stands out for me in this track is the secondary melody that comes in at around 2:31. In the numerous trance tracks I’ve heard, this really stands out. It’s a small part of the track, but is ultimately a real highlight for me.

The rest of the track is quite well produced. There’s really nothing that stands out as particularly annoying for me in this track and there’s no real deficiencies that I can see in this track. Every element is in there for a sufficient amount of time and nothing really wears out its welcome. A plus in this track are also the the vocal samples that dot the audio landscape here.

This track has great effects, has a decent amount of evolution, has a good melody, and, overall, is a very good track if you want something that has a bit of a different sound to it.



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