Review: T & Sugah feat. Ayve – Unreal (Drum N Bass)

This review covers the liquid Drum N Bass track T & Sugah feat. Ayve – Unreal.

This track was released in 2015 on the compilation album Alchemy.

The track starts with a finger snaps and piano elements. The intro continues with some vocal work before it builds into a more drum n bass track. At this point, the track ultimately goes into the main chorus before the vocals fade away again.

After that, the track goes into verse. This fleshes out the lyrics a bit. It also pulls back some of the effects and synth. After that, the track melds into the main chorus once again.

When the drop hits, the vocals carry the track over along with a few synths and piano. The drop is somewhat brief, but it does gradually builds back up again. The buildup effects include a somewhat bitcrushed effect along with a few other elements. After that, the track goes back into the main chorus.

The track then adds a few sweeps and the track breaks down one last time to tie up the track.

The lyrics talk about searching for companionship. whether it is a strong friendship or love, it’s technically not clear in this track. It’s left up to interpretation, but both are accurate accounts. This vagueness actually strengthens the track because there are so many ways to relate to a track like this.

In addition to this, the vocal talent is quite nice. It adds to the overall positive vibes throughout the track. They generally stay in a a narrow pitch range, but that isn’t a bad thing considering how many other elements there are in the rest of the track.

The piano elements in this track help give the track a nice calming effect. With the combination of the synths, the track has a very uplifting overall sound. As a result, there is a nice positive feeling throughout.

Overall, this is a very solid track. The lyrics leave a fair bit of room for interpretation. Still, they leave a very positive effect to the overall track. The vocals are nicely done. The synths work quite well and the piano combines together well to give the track an uplifting feeling overall. A very good track all around.


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