Review: Syrian – Supernova (Synth-pop)

This review covers the synth-pop track Syrian – Supernova.

This track was released in 2007 on the Alien Nation album.

A great part of the track was definitely the chorus. The way it marry’s the vocals, lyrics, melody and several effects was really good.

My only criticism of this track are some portions of the verses was a little iffy at times. It seemed to cause the track to drag a little because they kind of wander off beat. Fortunately, these parts are fleeting as a vast a majority of the track doesn’t really wander like that.

Still, some of the vocoded portions were not bad. This layered vocal effect gave this track an interesting texture to the track. The vocals do also go from being vocoded and layered to hitting high notes. There are tracks I’m not really a fan of that hits particularly high notes, but this was pretty well done.

The appregio synth was particularly well done. I thought it added a lot of life to this track. It’s especially well done with the synthetic string backing it. It simply works.

Overall, I thought this was definitely a good track. It is certainly another one worth listening to.


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