Review: Seabound – Without You (Synth-Pop)

This review covers the synth-pop track Seabound – Without You.

This track was released in 2004 on the album Poisonous Friend.

This track takes a much more laid back approach compared to numerous other industrial related tracks we’ve reviewed in the past. Still, it remains quite meaningful as love is certainly a theme throughout in the lyrics.

The vocals are definitely on the softer side. While the vocals hits some interesting notes and slides, it doesn’t really fall into the trap of sounding odd in any way. They tread close at times, but they don’t actually get weird in any real way.

My only real complaint about this track is that the bassline isn’t quite as varied as I would have liked to hear in a track. As a result, there is a sense of staleness in the track. While subtle, it’s there. With vocals not exactly hitting too many wild notes, something else needs to add a decent amount of variety. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot in this track that offers that kind of variety and the bassline was the best candidate to deliver.

On the other hand, the main chorus had some nice full synthetic sounds that did give this track a decent amount of life. So, there’s plenty of good sounds in this track.

Overall, I would say that this is definitely a good track. If you’re looking for something with a good beat, but nothing with any sort of screaming or anything that takes too much presence, this track is definitely a recommended track. It gets my approval.


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