Review: State of the Union – Stupid Song (Synth-Pop)

This review covers the synth-pop track State of the Union – Stupid Song.

This track was released in 2014 on the album My Time Away.

The track starts off with a sort of ambient build-up before evolving into a vocal portion.

The vocals is a big standout feature. They work quite well in both chorus and verse. They have a subtle filter that is seemingly layered over a more normal vocal which does veer in and out of audibility.

The lyrics are interesting – particularly given the title of the track. While there is that negative connotation, the lyrics were not that bad overall. It’s sort of a criticism towards lyric writing based on emotion.

In terms of the synth that this track is layered with, the bassline was pretty good. The melodies that appear throughout this track were pretty decent as well. Probably the biggest strength of this track was the way they all meld together. The pads layered with the different elements really make this track tick.

Overall, this was a great track. While some of the individual elements were decent, the way they were brought together was great. The vocals were great and the lyrics were interesting. Definitely a great track in my books.


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