Review: Helalyn Flowers – E-Race Generation (Interface Mix) (EBM)

This review covers the EBM track Helalyn Flowers – E-Race Generation (Interface Mix).

This track was released in 2008 on the compilation album Cryonica Tanz – V.5.

Probably the most distinct part of the track was the vocals. They did make this track sound catchy – especially during the chorus. The downside is that the way they pronounced the words is so weird, that it’s extremely difficult to even understand any lyrics, let alone get some understanding out of them.

Because the lyrics are so hard to understand, I had to resort to looking up the lyrics just to make any sense of them. The meaning out of them is a bit vague and the best interpretation I can come up with is that they about a guy who has a death fetish. Obviously, this makes this track appealing to only very specific interests. While this doesn’t appeal to my lyrical taste, this review is not based on lyrical tastes, but rather, production quality.

The bassline works quite well. The synth in this track overall is not a bad choice. They add to the overall quality of the track.

The problem with this track is mastering. Sometimes the synth overpowers the vocals and even introduces some distortion in the track.

Overall, this track has strengths and weaknesses. On the strengths side, the vocals can be catchy, the melodies are interesting, and the bassline was nicely done. The weaknesses include the fact that it’s virtually impossible to understand the lyrics, the lyrics themselves only appeal to certain tastes, and the mastering drowns certain elements of the track. It was pretty good, but nothing amazing.


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