Review: Solarstone Feat. Elizabeth Fields – Part of Me (Extended Album Version) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Solarstone Feat. Elizabeth Fields – Part of Me (Extended Album Version).

This track was released in 2009 along with three other versions.

One great aspect of this track was the vocals. They had such an uplifting effect to the overall track. They also gave this track a rather smooth sound to it.

What really makes this track tick was the various backing guitars. Some are subtle electric guitar effects while others have a more obvious acoustic sound. They enhanced the overall emotion to great effect.

Some of the added effects such as the arpeggio-like synth as well as the simple sine-wave sliding note helped to give the track a more varied sound.

The occasional delay effects added both on the vocals and some of the synth effects from time to time certainly didn’t hurt the overall sound quality. They pop in from time to time and disappear so they don’t wear out their welcome.

Overall, I really can’t find any real fault to this track. It has great effects, great vocals, and great guitars. The uplifting emotion expressed in this track certainly deserves a thumbs up.


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