Review: Treble Charger – Hundred Million (Rock)

This review covers the punk rock track Treble Charger – Hundred Million.

This track was released in 2002 on the album Detox.

While the main band takes center stage in overall sound, there was backing talent from, at the time, two members of the Band Sum 41. The backing talent isn’t immediately obvious, but once you know what to listen for, you can definitely hear the voice talent from Sum 41.

One prominent feature in this track is the raw energy. This is prominent from the snare drum at the beginning and carries through pretty much every element in the entire track.

The lyrics were a strong part of this track as it conveys that frustrated emotion that bubbles through the track.

To add to this are vocals that convey not only the lyrics, but the emotion quite well. Of course, when you have the voice talent of two bands, you have a lot of potential here – potential that was fully carried out nicely.

The guitars worked quite well. They were strong when they needed to be and backed off when required. They worked well throughout the track, though the guitar solo was particularly well done.

Overall, there’s hardly anything to complain about in this track. It has particularly well-realized energy that permeates throughout the track. The emotion was nicely realized through the vocals and lyrics. The guitars did their job well – especially with the solo. The frustrated emotion was definitely prominent. A great track that was well produced here.


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