Review: Sensoriel Positive Emotion – Mudra (Psytrance)

This review covers the goa trance track Sensoriel Positive Emotion – Mudra.

This track was released in 1994 as part of a single.

The track starts with a synth pad and string. A synth effect then comes in. From there, a 303-like synth comes in with a reverberation effect. A kick and high hat then joins the track. An additional high hat joins the track. A snare roll comes in before the synth melody comes in. A guitar melody comes in. After that, a synth string comes in again. After a reverse cymbal, a drop hits.

After the drop hits, a synth melody is all that is there. A synth string then comes in. The snare roll comes in and the rest of the trance drum kit comes in. A synth effect also makes an appearance from time to time. The synth strings take on a bigger presence.

After that, an additional drop comes in. The trance drum kit continues along with a bassline. A synth melody then comes in. The synth string makes a return. A synth melody also joins in.

Another drop comes in, leaving only one synth melody. A second synth melody comes in. The synth string then comes in. The trance drum kit then makes a return. A synth effect makes an appearance. Some elements then drop out. The synth string and synth effect then lead the track out for the most part.

After just a synth string is left behind, the trance drum kit continues. A synth melody comes back. A reverse cymbal leaves just the synth string and melody. Both the synth string and melody lead the track out.

One strong point this track has going for it is the overall flow. It pulls back and pushes things are pretty good parts of the track. The last drop, however, was a little awkward as it amounts to a false ending.

The strings and melodies do sound pretty good. Also, the bassline sounds pretty decent as well.

Overall, this is a fairly decent track. It has a good flow and some decent melodies. The string and pad elements do give this track a nice dreamy sound. So, a decent track all around.


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