Review: Mandala – Australia (Trance)

This review covers the hard trance track Mandala – Australia.

This track was released in 1994 as part of a single.

The track starts with a synth pad and choir element layered together. A 303-like synth joins the track along with a voice sample. A synth melody comes into the track. From there, a number of elements drop out as the voice sample makes another appearance. The kick then comes in. A second synth melody comes in, accompanied by some synth effects.

In the next section, a few elements drop out, but the 303-like synth continues. Several elements drop out, leaving a synth melody. A kick makes a brief appearance. After a kick drill, the trance drum kit makes a return. The bassline then comes in. A synth effect ends the section.

After the drop, some synth pads return along with a voice sample. The kick makes a return and the main synth melody also comes back. A snare roll comes in and a number of elements come in. This includes some 303-like synths and the bassline. Some reverse kicks come in and some elements briefly pull back before coming in. A number of synth effects then hit the track.

From there, the main melody is the only thing that is in the track, but several elements gradually come back in. A voice sample then comes in. The track drops again and a laughing voice sample makes an appearance. Several elements then quickly come back. A synth effect comes in and the drum kit is all that’s left. That drum kit is then faded out, ending the track.

One thing is for sure, the faster BPM is certainly an interesting change of pace. What I do find interesting is the fact that this track has a rather eclectic sound to it in a similar fashion to that of some of the psytrance tracks I’ve heard over the years. Several elements come in and out, yet, they are all nicely tied together to form one cohesive track. It’s actually quite interesting to hear that.

The voice samples also offer a nice dynamic to the track. While the melodies are brief and simple, they do end up contributing nicely to the track.

Overall, this is a pretty solid track. It has a higher BPM, nice pads, and an interesting arrangement of numerous elements. The melodies work well and everything comes together nicely. So, an overall pretty good track to listen to.


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