Review: Scatman John – Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop) (Pop)

This review covers the pop track Scatman John – Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop).

This track was released in 1995 on the album Scatman World.

The track starts off with unintelligible fast talking lyrics. when the synth and drum kit comes in, a mix of unintelligible and actual lyrics come in.

It doesn’t take long before the main chorus comes in for a short period of time. Some unintelligible lyrics come through before some rap lyrics come in.

After that, the main chorus comes in which is joined by a subtle brass element. After some unintelligible lyrics, the rap lyrics come back.

From there, the main chorus comes back like last time. This is capped off with some lyrics that are also unintelligible. After some more unintelligible fast paced lyrics, two kinds of lyrics are sung. After this, the track starts to fade out with the main lyrics and the fast talking unintelligible lyrics playing over top of each other.

One thing I do like about this track is that the main chorus is very catchy. Every element comes together nicely to make the unintelligible lyrics sound great. This is surprising because I’m normally not a fan of babbling lyrics. It’s definitely an exception to the rule in my mind.

What I’m not as huge of a fan of the faster paced portions. While I get that this is supposed to be a more care free sounding track, these parts end up making the track rather silly and annoying.

Overall, this track has its strengths and weaknesses. The big strength here is the fact that the main chorus is very catchy and works well. The weakness here is the fact that some of the other fast paced lyrics really pull down the tracks quality. So, an overall good track to listen to, but watch out for the bumps along the way.


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