Review: Savant – Heart (Original Mix) (Electro House)

This review covers the electro house track Savant – Heart (Original Mix).

This track was released in 2013 as part of an EP.

This track does have numerous elements in it. There’s 303 synths, a wah guitar, voice samples, bass guitar, and chiptune elements. This variety of sounds in this track, I found, was a definite strength in that it does bring a lot to the table.

Another great aspect is that most of these elements, by themselves, aren’t bad to listen to. I think the death voice sample was a little bit of an odd addition to this track. I can see the intent of it being an added source of power to the overall track, but the overall feel of this track from many other elements makes it sound more out of place than adding to the track.

My big problem with this track was that even though the individual elements put into this track were nice, I’m not convinced they really congealed well as one cohesive unit within the track. As a result, it sounds more like a collection of interesting sounds rather than a nice single track.

As a result, I think this track has some strengths, but there was no real wow factor for me. So, an average listen, but nothing too spectacular here.


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