Review: Sander Van Doorn feat. Carol Lee – Love is Darkness (House)

This review covers the progressive house track Sander Van Doorn feat. Carol Lee – Love is Darkness.

This track was released in 2011 on the album Eleve11. It was also officially released for free streaming on Youtube.

One thing I’ve seen debated about this track is whether this is a trance track or a house track. As Doorn commented on the YouTube release, there is a lot of mashing up of genre’s. This track is no exception. It borrows heavily from progressive trance. Still, judging by the tempo, I would still call this house just because it’s slow enough to be house. Still, that probably won’t be enough to settle the debate.

One of the major standout features of this track is, without question, the vocals. The vocals are very well done. The main chorus was very well done and the versus were interesting. The delay effect risked drowning out the enunciation, but it was held back enough to add a mysterious effect to them instead. It worked surprisingly well.

The lyrics are basically about someone who broke up, but still has lingering emotions for the person who left them.

The use of guitars as chords worked in this tracks favor. It gave the track dimension – especially when the synth comes in layered with the sound.

A great element that balanced things out was the main melody. While it wasn’t amazing, it was still very well done. It balanced the vocals out very nicely.

When considering everything, you have a rather catchy track. The vocals were very well done, not just with the talent involved, but with the effects that were added to them to give this track a mysterious and dark undertone. The track borrows a lot from trance, but it’s still house in my books – not a bad thing. Definitely a recommended track track.


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