Review: Markus Schulz Feat. Sir Adrian – Away (Extended Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the vocal trance track Markus Schulz Feat. Sir Adrian – Away (Extended Mix).

This track was released in 2011 along with three other versions of the same track.

While there is a bit of an intro to this track, it doesn’t take long for the vocals to kick in. The whisper style of these vocals reminds me a bit of Ronski Speed – The Space We Are.

The house-like chords combined with the vocals give this track a sort of dream-like quality to it. The synth string only adds to this overall feeling to this track.

While the lyrics have neat moments, I’m not entirely sure what the overall meaning is being conveyed. This only marginally takes away from the overall track.

Generally speaking, this track does produce some neat sound. If you want something that is laid back and has a sort of housy vibe to it, this track might do the track. The vocals and synth give this track a pretty good dream-like sound to it. A pretty good track overall.


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