Review: Safri Duo meets Ayla – Sunrise (Dance)

This review covers the dance track Safri Duo meets Ayla – Sunrise.

This track was released in 2002 on The Official Album Of The 2002 FIFA World Cup compilation album.

One feature of this track were the sort of tribal drum sounds. This added an interesting sound to the track that helped give it its own authentic sound (for a lack of a better term). It worked quite well given the title.

The layering of the electronic sounds over top of the percussion sound was very nicely done. The sounds just mixed so well together, giving the track a sort of unique sound.

The vocals were a great part of this track. They helped give the track such an uplifting emotion. My only criticism is that some of the lyrics get lost when they hit the higher notes. Whether that is because of mastering issues or limitations to the vocal talent, I’m not entirely sure. Still, they gave the track a lot of quality in spite of this shortcoming.

Overall, I thought this was a great track. It mixes some more tribal percussion’s into a distinctly electronic sound, giving that edge of a unique sound. The vocals added a great uplifting emotion throughout. So, a great track to listen to.


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